Fort St. James RCMP

The Fort St. James RCMP detachment is dedicated to serving the community of Fort St. James and the surrounding area. They serve several communities in our area including Fort St. James, Manson Creek, Germanson Landing, Tachie, Yekooche, Binchie, and Middle River.

General information about the detachment can be found here:


ATV / Snowmobile Use

When using an ATV or Snowmobile in the District of Fort St. James, a permit needs to be issued by the RCMP to operate the machine on a roadway. A permit can be obtained from the detachment during regular business hours. The following rules only apply in Fort St. James:

1. ATV’s are to be driven via the most direct route to the nearest trailhead from the licensed operator’s residence. This permit provides no authorization for ATV’s to be used for regular transportation purposes on any street in Fort St. James Township.

2. ATVs must be licensed and the license plate in plain view.

3. All operators of ATVs must hold a valid BC Class 5 driver’s license.

4. The speed limit while travelling to the trailhead will not exceed 30 KM and the operator will obey the rules of the road as set out in the Motor Vehicle Act.

5. All operators must wear helmets while operating on roadways.

6. There will be no ATVs or snow machines allowed on the following roadways at any time:
A. Highway #27
B. Stuart Drive
C. Germansen Landing Road
D. Stones Bay Road


RCMP Crime Reporting Tool

This new tool makes reporting less serious crimes easier for residents.

Fort St. James residents can now report less serious crimes online. Fort St. James RCMP has launched an online crime reporting website that allows people to generate a report and file number for crimes including where:

  • you have lost something that costs less than $5000
  • someone has stolen something from you that costs less than $5000
  • someone has vandalized your property or vehicle and it will cost less than $5000 to repair it
  • the crime happened within the jurisdiction of the Fort St. James RCMP
  • you want to report a driving complaint that is not in progress; complaints include speeding, distracted driving, or failing to follow road signs or signals
  • your license plates or decals are lost or stolen

The online crime reporting website will not be able to create a file if:

  • you have a witness to or suspect for the crime you are reporting
  • lost or stolen item(s) involves personal identity or firearms

This new, efficient way to report less serious crimes provides citizens with the file numbers they may need in circumstances of lost or stolen property and allows RCMP front-line staff to focus on higher-priority issues to ultimately improve response times, which will improve the safety of our community.

To report a crime through the online tool, residents need to provide an address, phone number, and valid email address. The process typically takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

For immediate police assistance, please call 9-1-1.