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This calendar is for booking of the racquetball/squash court at the Fort St. James Community Centre.

1. Select a date range to search for available court times (they are booked in 1-hour blocks)
2. Click on “Bookable Items” and select “Racquet Court” (it is the only option).
3. Click “search.” A list of available times within your date range will be displayed. (Times that are already booked will not be displayed).
4. Find your desired time and click on it.
5. Click on “Submit.”
7. Fill in all the required fields. Your personal information will only be seen by District of Fort St. James staff.
8. Click “Submit.” Wait until “You were successfully subscribed to the event” appears at the top of the form.
You’re done. You will receive an email confirming your booking. If you wish to cancel a court time that you have booked, you can do this by clicking the link in the email message.
Please contact the municipal office if you have any questions. 250-996-8233