Financial Plan

This document is designed to present the financial plan for the District of Fort St. James over the next five years. There are four budgets that tie this plan together. They are the general, water, sewer, and capital budgets, which direct District revenues and expenditures. The District’s financial position is detailed in the most recently published Audited Financial Statements along with definitions and explanations.

The general operating budget sets out how much money the taxpayers pay for essential services and sets out the various revenues the District receives through property taxes and other sources.

The water and sewer utility budgets present the revenue and expenses to provide water and sanitary waste removal services.

The capital budget sets out the requirements and funding sources to restore, replace, and renovate the District’s infrastructure, such as our buildings, parks, roads, storm sewers, water system, sanitary sewer system, fleet, and technology.

The 2016-2020 draft budget is available to view here.  Public comments are welcomed until April 27, when the Financial Plan bylaw will be given first readings.