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Bev Playfair served the District of Fort St. James as a Councillor from 2008-2011. During this time Bev worked on the portfolios of Public Works, Community Tourism, The Fort St. James Library, and was the District Representative during this time. Bev played an active role on the 3-member committee which implemented the successful Downtown Revitalization Program.

Bev has lived in the community of Fort St. James for 38 years and has been an active member during this time. Bev has volunteered with many community organizations in Fort St. James including the Minor Hockey Association, The Fort Hockey School, The Nancy Greene Ski Program and the Parent Advisory Council for schools in Fort St. James.

Bev has been married to her husband Garvin for 37 years. Her children Kevin, Michael, and Kelsey have grown up and have children of their own, many of whom live in Fort St. James. Bev chose to live in Fort St. James because it is one of the most beautiful places in BC but made it her home because everyone looks after one other and has a true sense of community.

Bev began her career as a Certified Dental Assistant meeting a number of residents working at the dentist’s office. After 12 years Bev left the dentistry profession and purchased a small business which sold flowers. Bev would continue to run and expand the business for 21 years adding a full greenhouse and garden center over her career. Bev retired in 2013 selling her business.

Over her term Bev will work hard to see our community succeed while actively listening to the public on the issues they believe are important.

Mayor Playfair is available for meetings by appointment, she may be reached by phone (250-996-1634) or email (