Councillor Brenda Gouglas

//Councillor Brenda Gouglas
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Brenda Bio Picture(1)Along with her husband Tony and daughter Kathy, Brenda Gouglas has called the community of Fort St. James home for almost 29 years. She retired from the Ministry of Forests in summer 2011, following a 21-year career in the Fort St. James Forest District office. Prior to that, she worked in retail and property management in the community.

Brenda was first elected Councillor in 2006, serving two three-year terms, and again elected for a four-year term in November 2014. She presently holds the portfolios of health, protective services, seniors, library, environment and chamber of commerce.

Comparing Fort St. James to both larger cities and much smaller towns in which she’s lived, Brenda finds ‘the Fort’ to be a healthy, safe, economically diverse and affordable community for families, singles, youth and seniors alike. Through her work on council she intends to focus on enhancing those attributes.