Paul Stent is a newly elected member of Council who has lived in Fort St. James since 1989. Paul has contributed innumerable hours to furthering the stability and sustainability of health care services in Fort St. James.

Paul Lives with his wife in Fort St. James, they have 4 children and 8 grandchildren. Paul believes that Fort St. James is an incredible community to live and raise a family. Paul has been fortunate to work with members of the community to help build strong social services in Northern British Columbia.

Paul has been a physician in Fort St. James for over 25 years. During this time Paul established and ran the Fort St. James Medical Clinic until he retired in 2015. Paul has been an active physician in the community advocating for more family physicians and nurses. Paul is a founding member and president of the Fort St. James Youth Soccer Association, an active member of the Hospice Society and a member of the Community Care Society.

Paul believes that Fort St. James is a unique community because of the natural environment surrounding it and the community members who live in it. Paul was recognized for his contributions to the healthcare system and physician profession by the Northern BC Medical Society who inducted him into the societies Hall of Fame in 2015.

Paul hopes to see the achievement of First Nations, medical staff, residents, and previous Councils in the new hospital, discover innovative ways to reduce costs to residents, and foster economic well-being and stability in Fort St. James

To make an appointment with Paul call the District Office (250-996-8233) or email (