According to the 2006 Census, the level of household income in Fort St. James was $67,671 in 2005, 28% higher than the provincial average of $52,709 per household for the same year. Projections anticipate average household income to rise with the opening of the Mt. Milligan Mine in 2013 and Fort Green Energy in 2014.

Leading occupation sectors in 2005 included trades, sales and service industry, government, and independent businesses. Leading into 2012 the local sawmill industry still provides a strong employment driver for the community, with much spin-off employment derived as a secondary outcome of this sector.

With a quickly growing population, the District of Fort St. James experienced nearly double the business start-up in 2011 as was seen in 2010.

Updated 2011 Census information on employment is expected to be received as of September 2012.

Employment Services

Fort Outreach Employment Services is a provincially funded employment agency which operates in Fort St. James.

Current District of Fort St. James Job Opportunities and Tenders