Elementary and Secondary Schools

David Hoy Elementary School
Current enrollment at David Hoy Elementary School is 255 students. David Hoy Elementary employs 30 staff people, of which 18 are classroom support workers. David Hoy Elementary School was officially opened in June of 1971 and has undergone many changes since then. School District No. 91 (Nechako Lakes)

Fort St. James Secondary School
The Fort St. James Secondary School employs 51 people, with an average yearly enrollment of 325 students. Average classroom size at Fort St. James Secondary School is 18 – 20. FSJSS is home to the Falcons and has both boys and girls soccer, basketball, volleyball, ski, snow board, and Mountain Bike teams. School District No. 91 (Nechako Lakes)

Nak’albun Elementary School
Enrollment at Nak’albun Elementary School averages 100 full time students. Nak’albun Elementary School is open to all community members who have an interest in learning BC Curriculum with an emphasis on Carrier and First Nations culture. In 2011 Nak’albun began construction of a new school facility with the pouring of foundations and installation of a geothermal heating system. The new school was completed in 2014 and has many modern features including an outdoor learning garden and stage. Nak’albun Elementary School is an independent school operated by the Nak’azdli Band.

Post-Secondary Education

College of New Caledonia

The College of New Caledonia operates a satellite campus in Fort St. James. The Fort St. James campus operates out of a renovated building, the result of a $1.4 million renovation project in 2008. The campus offers many post-secondary trades and vocational programs, as well as continuing education courses that target workplace skills enhancement. Video conferencing is offered as a tool at the college, and the computer lab has received an upgrade sponsored by Mt. Milligan Mine.

The University of Northern British Columbia, and CNC’s main campus, are located in Prince George, less than two hours drive away.  They offer a wide range of courses of study.

Other Resources

The Learning HUB
The Learning HUB provides programs and resources for Life Long Learning. It also provides support for learners, tutors and agencies, and hosts community-wide literacy events. Literacy projects at the HUB are sponsored by Decoda Literacy Solutions. New Canadians can receive assistance through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Settlement Services Program.

The KEY Resource Centre (Knowledge Empowers You)

The KEY has become a landmark feature in downtown Fort St. James. The Key is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday and provides a space for community members to interact, have a snack and play games. They also offer health, life and literacy outreach services to assist learners moving towards a healthier level of emotional/social health and well-being.