Greetings to all of the good people living near to Stuart Lake, from the Mayor, Councillors and staff of the District of Fort St James.

We have only had one new case, and no hospitalizations for the severe disease since the last newsletter. The next step in the immunizations of our community members will be the second dose to those vaccinated in Phase 1 of the programme shown last week. We have not yet flattened the Provincial curve, although it is not rising as steeply as it was in November/December. (People in Vancouver having big parties in penthouses have no doubt played their part in assisting the virus to spread further!)

Our concern for the first nine months or more, has been to avoid being infected with the virus and especially, to avoid passing it on to our elders and other medically vulnerable residents, who are more likely to suffer severe illness should they get infected. Apart from these concerns, the pandemic has had other negative impacts on our lives. Many people have been experiencing financial difficulties, due to closure of workplaces and layoffs; in addition to the psychosocial impacts of lost opportunities to socialize with family and friends, and to participate in recreational pursuits. Something that may not be as clearly evident, to those among us who do not know the individuals concerned, is the way in which COVID-19 has been both magnifying and contributing to Canada’s mental health crisis.  Full letter click here